Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Third Point of View?

I regard HDR as just another tool in a photographer's arsenal of techniques to bring a particular vision to life. Here I have only a few examples of my own application of HDR. The pictures of architecture are from Stockholm Sweden, in a part of town that is many hundreds of years old. The dream like quality off of these streets when I found them, shortly after some rain had forced most tourists of the streets, did not come out entirely in the original photos, so I used a IPhoto to copy the picture and synthetically create the different exposures I needed to bring out the details that I wanted to see. The HDR effect is less noticeable here, as I am only using it to capture what i felt had been lost in translation. The other photo was the first HDR I've ever tried and was taken of a lamp we have sitting on the floor in my house. The other is a part of my bookshelf.